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September 10, 2010 / thegrrlspot

Kill all the Lawyers? NO. Kill All the Reporters.

I hope you choke on your microphones

I am SO FED UP with the freakin’ media in this country!  I feel my blood start to boil every time I happen to be sitting somewhere like an airport, bar, etc. and some yahoo is on the screen sensationalizing some half-wit and causing more unrest and disgusting misplaced anger amongst the people of this aspired-to-be great nation.  UGH!

To what am I referring? You might ask.  Well first let’s talk about the building of the mosque two blocks from Ground Zero.  The first time I heard this story on the news, the VERY FIRST thing out of the reporter’s mouth was “Our latest news story is the controversy of a man attempting to build a mosque at Ground Zero!”  (Please note the bolding of the word “at.”) Completely MISLEADING! It wasn’t until 5 minutes into the report that she slipped in the whole part of it not being AT Ground Zero at all! It’s two NEW YORK CITY FREAKIN’ BLOCKS AWAY!  Excuse me, but anyone who has frequented NYC knows that those “blocks” make you feel like you’ve just run a marathon after three!  They are not SHORT blocks here, people!   Get a grip, build a bridge and get over it!

I will say that it seems the majority of people I’ve talked to about this issue are not NEARLY as concerned as the media would like us to believe.  I work for a fairly conservative sector of the government, for god’s sake, and the majority of my co-workers think the whole thing is ridiculous.  They are more upset by the religious arguments and belief that so many Americans are up in arms (thanks to the media attention whores) than about the actual mosque itself.  Most of them, if they are against the building of the mosque, are only that way because they wish to avoid any ensuing ugliness.  Personally, I think that’s a cowardly reason to be against it.  Accept idiocy so you don’t have to look at more ugly, empty-headed bigots on the TV? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!  Again I say – UGH!

And don’t get me started on this whole Reverend (I vomited a little as I wrote that word) Jones of the Dove Outreach World Church (quite a lofty name for a church of 50 people there, Rev.).  What a media attention monger!!  SERIOUSLY, people?  Are we really letting him make demands on our Secretary of Defense and our President?? Are we really negotiating with this looney-tune?? I’m pretty sure we normally call that extortion or blackmail.  I’m sorry, but this man should not be getting away with a quid pro quo.  Any self-respecting media channel should refuse to even broadcast him, as he is LOVING the attention he is getting!  Thanks to Fox, CNN, ABC etc…we now have the Westboro Baptist Church joining in the glee and fun of the book burning!  You know Westboro Baptist, right? The ones who protest SOLDIER FUNERALS with signs that say “Thank God for Dead Soldiers!”   Good company for the lovely Rev Jones.  Boy, both these guys are really helping the Jihadist cause!  If a guy had any doubt before whether he wanted to join up, I’m sure all the images of burning Qurans and the Colonel Sanders-wannabe Rev. Jones will help make the decision that much easier.  Oh, and Rev?  The boys in green overseas are thanking you too.  I’m sure the 2o something year-old soldiers and marines will be smiling down benevolently on you from heaven as your acts of lunacy bring more violence raining down on their heads.

So let’s all give a big thanks to the TV and newspapers for making sure that all this important “news” gets around the world as fast as possible…four…five times a day!  It’s helping so much to keep us all “educated” and “informed” on what’s going on in our lovely country.  Zoom in camera 1 on my middle finger.  jerks.



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  1. jonolan / Sep 10 2010 4:38 pm

    One – they’re very short blocks in that area and there’s only one of buildings between the mosque and Ground Zero.

    Two – Jones made no demands upon the Secretary of Defense and your President; they, however, tried to make demands upon him while barely keeping things within the constitutional limits.

    But, fine; it doesn’t matter. You hate the media because they don’t ALWAYS side with the Muslims against America. Perhaps you should stick w/ MSNBC and similar traitor outlets.

    • thegrrlspot / Sep 10 2010 5:15 pm

      I’d like to start with a little quote from Herman Goering, Hitler’s Reichmarschall. This comes to you from the Nuremberg Trials:

      “They can always be brought to the bidding of leaders. Tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and endangering the country. It works the same in every country.”

      THIS, my accusatory commentator, is what bothers me most about your response. It is not just Fox, the notoriously conservative I rail about – you should have taken note of CNN (often referred to as the Communist News Network by some conservatives I know) being listed as one of the sensationalist culprits.

      I stand by my writing. You may disagree; perfectly within your rights. Traitor outlets…good grief.

  2. dlmiller / Sep 10 2010 7:56 pm

    I concur. However, still kill all the lawyers.

  3. / Sep 11 2010 8:49 am

    great post!! Always like to see passionate people speaking out on both sides!!

    First off, in regards to the Mosque. I am not the most informed when it comes to how far the city blocks are, (it being two blocks away from ground zero etc). I think I’m a pretty open-minded person, but it does seem a little ballsy to want to build a mosque so close to the site on which we had the greatest catastrophe to hit our country in 50 years at the hands of extremists within that religion. I mean, if it had been a nut like this pastor who bombed us- i really really doubt people would be quite so laid back about building a church so close to ground zero. There does seem to be a certain element of pacifism/fear ( IMO ) when it comes to Islam and fear of offending Muslims. I understand the peace-loving Muslims desire to build the mosque, since they lost people too – but I also think… that sometimes you can take PC too far – and out of respect for all the people who died at the hands of Muslim extremists, its not such a gigantic deal to ask for them to build the Mosque a little further away. ( As I said, i dont know how short the blocks are, and how much the media is blowing this out of proportion).

    With regards to the crazy Pastor – I am pretty much in complete agreement with the writer of this blog. I think in GENERAL when crazy people seek media attention, we feed them oh-too-well with it. When someone wants to blow up a school, or attacks Amish people in their church, then kills themselves and leaves behind a video – we PLAY It… we AIR it… giving them exactly what they want. Because in the end, it boils down to ratings and money, and not truth.

    That being said, while I detest the idea of burning holy books and disrespecting another person’s religion, I respect the right to free speech and the the right to do it. Conformity to what the society holds morally/socially correct is usually enforced in most countries by the government, but what makes our country so great is that we rely not on Government condemnation but on the PEOPLE to make a big enough fuss about something that it hopefully convinces someone to re-think their actions. We police ourselves ( hopefully ) by speaking out against another person speaking out. Thus, freedom of speech lives on. I like to see the Government and the President involved as little as possible with these things, and am glad they didn’t muscle their way into silencing him TOO MUCH. ( I say this even though I again, am offended and scared by his crazy belief system). Because once that happens, its a slippery slope.

    Just my two cents.

    • thegrrlspot / Sep 11 2010 10:42 am

      Thanks for your two cents, Anj. I can definitely appreciate your perspectives. Your post got me thinking and I pose this question:

      Where is the line between social order and personal freedoms?

      Personal freedoms unrestricted will breed a certain chaos. I dare to say there IS such thing as too much of a good thing. That being said, I too am conflicted on straight up CENSORING this guy because he has the right to spew whatever venomous garbage he wants. HOWEVER, I think the choice the networks must make then is to not slobber all over his radical rhetoric, giving him the glorification (and thereby influential power) he so much craves.

      It is a moral choice for me to empower idiots like that. A bad one. He can talk and burn all he wants…but I’d like to see no one in the proverbial forest to hear his sounds.

  4. / Sep 11 2010 11:07 am

    totally agreed, dude. That’s how I feel in general about the evil in the world – the media gives it a voice in the name of ratings. It really really HURTS the world. It’s a horrible thing, and I totally agree with you about not having the proverbial forest to hear his sounds.

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