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July 23, 2010 / thegrrlspot

Southerners and Sarah Palin

Hello all and welcome to my very first blog – I know so many of you have been waiting with baited breath for me to start!   Ok maybe just one of you and that’s because you’re biased and we happen to be dating…

Over time this blog will most likely address the following topics:

1. Everyday life as a gay female…Yes, I said “gay female” because I have never liked the word lesbian.  It makes my tongue shrink and quiver when I say the word.

2. Food. because I love it and I’m dating  an AMAZING cook.

3.  Any random musings brought on by the day

I’m a Northern girl born and raised – Jersey represent! I hate it when people ask me if I’ve ever seen “The Jersey Shore” and why don’t I have a “Jersey” accent.  Of course I explain that I auditioned for the show, but the producers said it wouldn’t work because my IQ score is way too high and I don’t own enough gaudy jewelry.

Thankfully, my current job has allowed me to travel and reside in various other places within the US.  As of late you will find me desperately trying to learn to be a Southern Belle in Savannah, Georgia.  It’s hotter than Hades here right now!  I was living in Alaska the last three years (NO, I do not like Sarah Palin), so moving back to all this heat and humidity is going to take some getting used to…as is the phrase “ya’ll” and the amount of “chicken fried” meals available in any five mile radius.

Speaking of Sarah Palin…I had the misfortune of making small talk with a woman at a cafe the other day while waiting for my chicken salad sandwich.  The trouble with going out to eat alone is that people feel sorry for you, assume you have no friends and feel that it is their Christian duty to keep you company.  While it may be true that I am new here and, indeed have no friends, the last thing in the world I really felt like doing was talking to a  middle-aged woman dripping in diamonds who felt compelled to  tell me all about her “beach house on Tybee Island.”  During our conversation I made what I now know to be a very grave mistake – I mentioned that I had just moved here from Alaska.  Immediately her eyes shot open like someone who has just found Jesus…

“Oh my god! Do you like Sarah Palin??”

“Um…no, actually I”m not really a fan.”

*sour face* “Oh…well I just LOVE her. She’s going to run and I’m going to vote for her!”

Great. So some Americans really are that stupid.  And by the way…what was she “running” for again?  Last I knew she abandoned her position as Governor of Alaska and ran off to be on TV and write a book. Sell out.  Ask many Alaskans and they’ll tell you how quickly she became too big for her britches (like the use of southern dialect right there?) and left them in the lurch. You’re welcome, Sarah.  Oooh! Maybe she’ll be on TV exploiting her teenage-pregnancy-it-could-happen-to-you daughter again sometime soon. Now that Levi is done with his Playgirl shoot, they’re getting back together to raise the baby. Classy. Real classy.


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  1. Amara / Jul 23 2010 11:40 pm

    Be wary of the fried foods down there, they will suck you in. This foreboding warning is also mentioned in the Aug issue of cooking light by the editor. He recently took a road trip down there and mentioned that it is difficult to find any fresh vegetables outside the supermarket and that Southerners think that if its green is should be fried.

    I should mention tho that he also said the fried okra and fried green tomatoes are worth splurging on and from personal experience I would have to agree.

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